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About us
Shanghai Sugang International Trade Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as “SUGANG”) is mainly handling the steel coil products including CRC/GI/GL/PPGI/PPGL etc., and served for cutting ,slitting and transportation; SUGANG always keep good relationship with the domestic steel mills , currently as first grade sales agent of Hansteel for PPGI, as first grade sales agent of Shasteel for home appliances GI, handling the famous brand products of Changshu Everbright/YPC/ShangShing(China)/Shougang Group/Shangdong Guanzhou etc.
Company objective to the customers as “relieved for good quality, happy for competitive price , easy for professional service”, mainly developed for GI products including light steel frame, floor deck, purlin, drum, tube etc. , for PPGI products including steel structure house, roofing maintenance system , printed decorated plate, home appliances prepainted products etc.; regarding the after-sales service, we have kept good relation with the cutting/slitting mill and corrugated mill , provide the logistic service , actually effect the company objective for the customer” relieved for purchasing/easy for using”.
Company spirit as “honesty win the world”, company culture is that believing attainment from the devotion, trust from the honesty, success from insistence !  insist the center of company culture as learning, dedication, diligence , innovation, cooperation and attention, become a fighting team that be easy for the customer and the cooperater.
Currently the Internet developed speedily, the steel price is transparent , so we can’t create the value by high profits, we must provide the best services and products to the customers by excellent management and professional knowledge, fully promoted the idea as “ the services create the value”, aim as “satisfying services to the customers” , prospect that we can be growing-up together with the customers!
The reason for choosing us

Professional for CRC/GI/GL/PPGI/PPGL, provide the service for cutting , slitting and logistic services.
Rich technology experience
Main employees have about more than 10 years production and sales experiences for coating steel products, and worked in steel mill before.
High-quality products
All company’s products according the customer’s request, do the random inspection for the products , to ensure the product quality.
Excellent technology team
Management and technology personnel have rich experience, excellent team is the ensurance for your trust .
Best service
According the customer’s request, we will send the offer duly , including the price , delivery time , packing , technology and logistic etc., and can
Professional for CRC/GI/GL/PPGI/PPGL, provide the service for cutting , slitting and logistic services.

 Warm congratulations on Shanghai Sugang International Trade Co., Ltd. website

Warm congratulations on Shanghai Sugang International Trade Co., Ltd. website!!!...

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