Baogang huangshi company new products of network pattern color painting actively explore the high-end building user market

 Industry news     |      2018-07-02 14:10
      After 3 years of technical breakthrough and trial production, baosteel huangshi co., LTD., the new products of net pattern decorative color plate were successfully developed and mass production capacity was formed. Since this year, Yellowstone checkered decoration caitu products of the company has successfully applied chishui county new rural construction projects, part of hubei Yellowstone li hua ancestral temple and QiChun villa projects, etc., a breakthrough in high-end user market gratifying in the construction field.

     In recent years, green environmental protection, beautiful and comfortable living environment becomes the new development trend in the field of application, width, with the push of prefabricated construction and sponge city construction, to develop the comprehensive underground pipeline corridor, etc, of high quality and the market demand of decoration caitu is growing. New checkered belt is to use a checker effect of high performance coatings by controlling the furnace temperature and wind speed, coating on the substrate, the surface tension of the condensation effect, has a touch of checker effect, its unique texture and three-dimensional surface forming effect, has the characteristics of environmental protection and beautiful.

As environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ceramic tile and wood, compared with wood and ceramic tile, reticulate decorates caitu products have corrosion effect such as deformation, insect-resistant, fire prevention, the characteristics of the high strength light at the same time, more convenient to transport and install, excellent processing performance meet the design requirements, are widely used in building indoor and outdoor, such as buildings within the ceiling, wall, shutters, furniture, etc; The roof of villa and metope can reflect higher artistic style more.
The testing results of huangshi company of baosteel have proved that the surface coating pencil hardness is no less than 3H and the scratch resistance is much higher than other products. Resistant to salt spray test time can be up to 1000 hours, far higher than ordinary polyester paint, has better corrosion resistance than ordinary polyester, can also according to the engineering environment issue coating 10 years warranty commitment; Compared with traditional stone and wood materials, the cost of the reticulated panels used in prefabricated buildings can be reduced by nearly one half, and its features of light weight and strong quality make it easier to install.

     Checkered belt are a new type of architectural decoration industry products, the shares will be based on Yu Baogang Yellowstone baosteel company caitu high-quality positioning, give full play to the technological advantage of baosteel, the end user for their early intervention for architectural decoration industry, providing personalized product recommendations, and guide the user to the direction of energy saving, environmental protection product structure adjustment