Orders for color painting products at hangang doubled

 Industry news     |      2018-07-08 16:42
Hangang electric galvanized steel belt department data show: January - July this year, hangang river steel product best-selling high-end belt, total by order of 13750 tons, orders year-on-year growth of nearly 10 times last year, the effect significantly increased.

Since the beginning of this year, it has been the norm for hegang handan to keep firmly developing in the market, products and clients, making way for varieties and quality. In light of production, for example, hangang river steel base width, market, products gradually replace construction is put forward to high-grade belt width, the development of new ideas, actively promote caitu products in refrigerator side panel, solar barrel body, reveal ark special plate plate, food cans and other high-end research and development, in the field of rolling and promotion. The proportion of middle and high-end products reached 100%, and 19 high-end customers were firmly established and developed. High-end color painting products were successfully introduced into famous domestic enterprises, and the market share steadily increased.
The high-end products and customers cannot be separated from the improvement of quality. In advancing caitu products to enter the process of "high-end cycle", hangang river steel will improve product quality and stability of quality in the first place, through the continuous optimization of equipment, strengthen quality inspection, promote clean production, deepening standardized operation such as long and complex process improvement. Behind a series of improvements, the company has won recognition from high-end market and high-end customers, in return for increasing attention to the market and products. River hangang electric galvanized steel belt vice minister zhang said: "to overall improve product quality, we have a full set of production work instruction, standard placed in each operation room. At present, paint mixing of color products is accurate to the calculation of stopwatch; The staff have reduced the time it takes them to clean the site to an hour.
In addition, hangang will also send technicians to the customer service site to provide technical guidance. Adapt to market structure adjustment, focus on on-site quality improvement, contact with customers to grasp services, and gradually replace the building color palette with high-end color products.